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Robert Schiestl

Dr. Robert Schiestl Honored
with Who’s Who Award

EMGS member Dr. Robert Schiestl voted as best professional in Pathology and Cancer Research of 2014 by the the Who is Who “for his cutting-edge work in cancer research, genetic instability, DNA repair, bone marrow transplantation and cancer prevention” and also receives best professional of 2015 by the American Registry of Outstanding Professionals.

EMGS Award Winners

2014 EMM Student and New Investigator Best Paper Awards

Sara N. Andres (NIEHS, New Investigator) for “Recognition and Repair of Chemically Heterogenous Structures at DNA Ends”

Kimberly N. Herman (North Carolina State University; Student) for “Detrimental Effects of UV-B Radiation in a Xeroderma Pigmentosum-Variant Cell Line”


2015 EMGS Award

Myron F. Goodman, PhD
In recognition of his multiple seminal discoveries concerning molecular mechanisms responsible for accurate and inaccurate DNA synthesis that have contributed to advancements in understanding carcinogenesis, heart disease, heritable birth defects, AIDS, and the development of the immune system.

2015 Alexander Hollaender Award

Miriam C. Poirier, PhD
In recognition of her outstanding research contributions in molecular epidemiology including pioneering the technology and application of immunoassays to assess the human health hazards of polycyclic hydrocarbon exposure, anti-viral AIDS drug treatment, and chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer that have advanced the protection of public health.


2014 Annual Meeting Presentation Awards

Wiley Best New Investigator Platform
Katherine Chapman, Swansea University

Wiley Best Student Platform
Yichang Chen, UCLA

EMM Best New Investigator Poster
Viktoriya Sidorenko, PhD, Stony Brook University

EMM Runner-Up for Best New Investigator Poster
Tod Harper Jr., PhD, Oregon State University

EMM Best Student Poster
Hasan Haboubi, Swansea University

EMM Runner-Up for Best Student Poster
Abigail Lubin, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


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